The harmony of shapes, movements and colors follows the same pathway used to build dreamlike landscapes grounded on the elements of nature.


It is within the clinical and introspective field of art therapy that the artist pursues depth amidst layers, dimensional shapes and the concreteness of colors – all of which take place in the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious realm.


The dynamic nature found in the movement of the artist’s body with paint brings about both vivacity and fluidity, coupled with reflections on modern and contemporary art. Material needs are not disregarded – the painting follows materiality and comes up with new forms of transparency interplay, in an ongoing building and rebuilding process. 

Much like painting, social practice is integral part of the artist’s work and a building block of both her research and her very being.


Patrícia designs art therapy training and experience programs for vulnerable populations, as well as initiatives to foster both the environment and social support.


Such movements allow for the work to be developed across different sectors, further expanding the limits of individual and collective creation. The result is materialized in a production that exists in the constant intersection between art and life. 

Kura Arte

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