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The harmony between shapes, movements and colors follows the same path as the construction of dreamscapes based on elements of nature.


Within the clinical and introspective field of art therapy, the artist searches for depth between layers, dimensional shapes and the concreteness of color, which takes place on the limits between conscious and unconscious.

Along with reflections on modern and contemporary art, the dynamism of the artist's body movement with the paint brings vivacity and fluidity. Without ignoring the needs of the material, painting follows materiality and creates new games of transparency. A constant construction and reconstruction. 

Like painting, social practice is an integral part of her work, being a constitutive element of her research and her being.

Patrícia develops training and experience projects in art therapy for people in vulnerable situations, as well as actions aimed at the environment and social support.


Such movements allow work to take place in different sectors, expanding the limits of individual and joint creation. The result materializes in a production that exists in the constant intersection between art and life. 

Kura Arte

Text Thais Teotonio

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