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Patricia Carparelli: Exhibition


The life of a river is not marked by its birth and death, constant transformations between paths, places and sizes make its existence summarized in transition. Everything that exists between the mouth and the spring is part of a universe between moments, neither its beginning nor its end fulfill their role as delimiters, demarcating a space-time between the first contact of the water with the surface and its outlet in a greater whole, in the immensity.

Flume by Patrícia Carparelli reflects paths - just as water is subject to accidents, incidents and obstacles, the works here are also subjected to such weather, showing the desire to achieve harmony with the river current, running together in their densities, shapes, lights and measurements.

As a continuation of her research on fluids, transparencies and scintillations, Patrícia, here, establishes a dialogue with continental waters, the paths opened by the inflows are spilled through paintings, watercolors, videos and objects making the name of the show come true. while form.

Between approaches and departures, the eye touches the sun's glow on the drop of water while having a panoramic view of the entire course of the river. A rhythm is created and the exhibition results in an invitation to follow the current, without diverting attention from the details of the route.

As the water slides over the land, the works are given over to drift, with the course of the river being a process of introspection and understanding of its own gestures.

At the same time that it submits, it integrates, creating once again a moment between where the experience reflects the transformation, whether in the transition of colors or in the idea of cycle and continuity inserted in the forms.

The detailing of this process is expanded and synesthetically transformed into matter, the representation is made between figuration and abstraction and the sensorial is formed from the collective memory of a river, guided by the work as a mediator of access to such unconscious, individualizing it as an experience.

Flume is the course of the river, it is the eternal passage between forms, it is the constant transition between cycles.

Thais Teotonio

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