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Patricia Carparelli: Installation

Kogan Amaro Gallery


Watercolor, water and its representation

According to German poet Friedrich Schiller, in the work “Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man,” the true artist manages to give shape to nature, putting it at his disposal - by separating matter from form, the exterior can even attract it. However, in turn, the real artist “plays” with matter, elevating its existence when keeping it on the same side of beauty.

The waters speak for themselves and, through art, artist Patricia Carparelli uses watercolor to reveal something intimate that she did not know. She builds relationships with color, with the background, the correct mix of water, the layers of fabrics, time materialized in the gesture of the design. In the painting process, Patricia finds this universe and fills the void with the representation of water and its fluidity. She offers something from your subconscious, from your experiences, sensations and what made sense for the construction of this great watercolor - the immaterial that was present somewhere in the past, present and future was realized and materialized. We have entered a moment where the spirit cannot be understood without art, and the soul cannot be understood without feeling. Feeling gives us a sense of proportions, validating something we assumed to be true – the artist embodies this process in her work, allowing us to feel. Through form, the artist gives expression to the laws of the spiritual world, imprinting on matter the format that the matter wants to be used.”  

In this site specific, Patricia Carparelli uses 110 meters of painted fabrics, these are ideas that emerged from the playful universe, from playing with reality and, by occupying the physical space of the gallery with color, shape and movement, she invites us to invade this universe of sensations.

Fernanda Ingletto Vidigal



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